2008-01-19 02:14:38

This screw is the result of my attempt at fixing the dreaded Error 18 that typically haunts Canon digital cameras. This morning, after motivating myself again, I took my camera with me, hoping for some pictures on my way to the office. The light was great, there were some nice clouds in the sky, and I had just taken my first picture when I switched the camera off. Then I heard it; a horrible creeking, clicking sound, while the Canon tried to retract the lens into its body. Finally it shut down after beeping three times and displaying "E18" in the display - the lens still fully extended. I had read about the error before and knew that I was in trouble. Unable to get the lens back in to the camera's body I took it home. After spending the day in the office, I couldn't wait to get home again. After a little research I started to take the Powershot apart (warranty had already expired). I am not sure if I knew what I did, removing a number of very tiny screws, applying what seemed to me an awful amount of force to the fragile electronic and optical parts and taking the gears apart. Somehow I managed to put it all together again. And after switching the camera on, again applying some not so gently force to the lens, the camera retracted and extended the lens. And I was able to take pictures again. Hurray! The screw in the image above is the single screw that was left over after the reassembly; I just couldn't find the hole it fit in! I think I'll take this as a sign that I should post more pictures again ...

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Exif: Canon PowerShot S2 IS | 1/50 sec | f/3.5 | 6 mm | Flash: Not Fired


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