Three Suns Worldlet

Three Suns Worldlet

2008-01-20 01:28:06

About the world building process: I usually do not have a lot of time when taking these pictures and I also do not have a tripod ready, laving all the heavy work for autostich which aligns the images. On location I set the camera to manual mode check for overall light and adjust aperture and shutter speed accordingly (trying to keep this as low as possible). Then I set the camera on high speed capture and while trying to keep it level, make a full 360 degree turn. Then pointing the camera down a little bit turning again until I am sure that the pictures cover everything and that there are no gaps. I also take a few backup pictures to cover any eventual "misses". Then I use autostitch to create the panorama out of the pictures (in this case 130 single frames) and GIMP provides the polar transformation.

I think the worldlets are a much more interesting way of presenting panorama pictures than a regular very wide image would be. And I am quite happy with how this turned out again.

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Three Suns Worldlet

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