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The 2016 "Round 17" Scavenger Hunt

In March 2014 I won the "New Year, New Hunt" round of the Photography Scavenger Hunt. Now almost exactly two years later Chrysta Rae declared me again overall winner of the Round 17. I'm honored and humbled to be chosen from so many amazing artists.

Here are my entries for nine of the 10 categories.


Link to Chryst's announcement:

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Woohoooo. My entry for the January Self Portrait Challenge "Science Fiction" of the Art of Self Portrait community one 1st place!

Link to announcement post on G+:

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The 2015 "Sweet 16" Scavanger Hunt

I'm addicted to the hunt. The state of mind it gets you in when you have to think about _the list_ is just wonderful. ;-)
I had a lot of fun creating the entries this time - enjoy.


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I Stand Alone

Again one of my entries was deemed worthy by the moderators of the self portrait community. My "I stand alone" won 2nd place in the Minimalism challenge.

Link to the announcement:

The 2015 "Round 15" Scavanger Hunt

Unbelievable - "Round 15" already was the 6th round for me. Here's a few of my entries.

Building Characters

Having fun impersonating (in)famous characters from TV series or movies.

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The 2014 "14 is Fabulous" Scavanger Hunt

Again I ventured in search for pictures interpreting items on a list of ten words. Here are a few of my entries.


The Prometheus Challenge

The goal of the "Prometheus" challenge of the G+ StyleIt community was to create a "monster" preferably using makeup and prosthetic effects.

Two Face: Ah. Fortune smiles

Wohooo! My Two Face made third place in the Self Portraits Community's "Painted Faces" challenge. Big thanks to the moderators of the community and the sponsors!

Here's the link to the announcement:

The 2014 Summersational Scavanger Hunt

I was a bit short on time in the 2014 round of the scavanger hunt. But I'm happy with the results anyway.

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