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Among the Stars

"Time does not exist here. I cannot feel it. On Earth there is day and night, light and darkness. Not out here. And I realize that even words begin to loose their meaning. The language I know comes from an almost forgotten world which we left behind a long time ago. Words that fail to express what I would have to say about this cold loneliness."

Bubblegum Art

Still Growing


The way my brain works.


When I heard "All we are is dust iin the wind" on the radio - this one was set. The first I took for the "Round17" hunt.




Square (SOOC)


Say My Name

Inspired by one of the most badass characters in TV show history, here is me as: "The one who knocks."


A different approach to your usual aautumn colors picture.



Selfie - Opposite

Rule Of Thirds



Fish in the Water

The things we think we see are only there in our mind. Did you see the fish?

Exercise - No. 78

Be the Tree


It started with a small itch at the top of my head. At first I ignored it and thought it was some kind of allergic reaction to my showering gel. Who knows what they are putting in there these days? Then one morning while I was brushing my teeth, I saw what I thought was a strange looking dark hair. When I tried to pull it out, it hurt like hell.

That was two weeks ago. Since then I started to eat less and drink more and I only need to breathe about five times a minute!

I went out to the park today and stood at a nice spot next to some trees at the edge of that large lawn. It only seemed like a minute, but it seems I stood there for a few hours.

I think I will go there again tomorrow and take in some more sun. And I need to get rid of my shoes. My toes are starting to itch.

Beyond Moore's Law

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