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My name is Stefan Riss and I am the author and publisher of the photoblog.
I live in Munich / Germany and until now my job as an IT consultant has nothing to with photography.

I started taking pictures in 2001 using my first digital camera, a Olympus C100. In 2006 my interest and enthusiasm had grown enough and my urge to publish some of my pictures resulted in the creation of the creative storm photoblog.
My current camera is an Olympus E520 and I am really happy with the pictures it allows me to take, although I sometimes miss my old Canon Powershot IS 2S which was smaller and more versatile than the DSLR. Unfortunately the Powershot died in 2008.

I guess all photographers reach a stage when they feel the need to do more. I had reached that level in 2013 when I learned about the Chrysta Rae Scavanger Hunt and in a lucky moment I signed up for it. Since then the way I think about photography and the kind of pictures I take have changed a lot.
Find out more about the Scavanger Hunt.

Stefan Riss. All rights reserved.

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