Beyond Moores Law

I had just turned 57. Right after my last real birthday party, I had been one of the first to migrate back in 2032.

Despite Moore's Law having ended unceremoniously in 2026, computing power had increased and reached the threshold to run a SimId - a Simulated Identity (TM) - in real-time. New developments to efficiently use crystals to store digital data provided the necessary capacity to hold the immense neural networks that make up our brains.

After the transfer I was running on my dedicated redundant SimId cluster. We were all running in real-time even back then, which allowed us to communicate with the physical world around us just like before the transfer. We could make phone calls and watch the news. The simulation our SimIds lived in was vast. They even used input from multitude of external sensors to mirror external events and make them a part of our SimIdWorld.

At first migration to SimIdWorld had seemed like a poor choice made only by nerds and technophiles. People were afraid of deprivation of experiences (a logic I had never been able to follow). But mostly due to global politics failing to effectively handle climate change and the still increasing world population, more and more people considered migrating themselves to SimIds. At least in here you did not have to fear hunger, diseases or natural disasters. The demand for the SimId technology skyrocketed and costs to migrate became lower.

We didn't notice anything at first. The automated schedulers were great at distributing SimIds matching their sleep/wake cycles. Experiments had shown early that the simulated neural networks were much more stable if they were put in a low consumption sleep cycle every day.

Then ten years ago SimCorp announced their infrastructure was no longer able to sustain real-time for all its ten million SimHabitants. They had hoped new technologies would be able to increase computing power beyond Moore's Law.

Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

Lately, my SimId has merely been running at 10% real-time and it has become impossible to follow outside events let alone communicate efficiently. Most sensors have long since been decoupled. But we are happy in here and are now making our own history.

If you have any questions, you can leave me a message at my SimIdWorld account (link in bio). Answering it may take a while, though.