This One Thought

This one thought. It flies in circles around my head. Like a fly zig zagging in a room with open windows in the summer. But it does not see far enough; it cannot get out.

My mind keeps turning it around as if I were dreaming a bad dream and rolling from side to side, sweating and fighting with a blanket of truth, that will always be too short. It has to get out. A whisper at first like the silent trickle of a river at its source.

Getting louder as it rushes and gushes across the stones of the mountain to the foothills. It almost drowns in the stream of a million other things, to-dos, deadlines, promises, obligations, wishes. But instead it gets stronger. It needs to get out.

Then it unfolds. Nothing holding it back, twisting, forking and multiplying virus like. Unstoppable, uncontrollable until it becomes this one thought.